Machining and 3-D Printing


Hurco VM10i Milling Center

20” x 16” x 20” (X,Y,Z) Simultaneous 3 Axis CNC Mill.

We have tooling in stock for both soft (aluminum, brass, low grade carbon steel) and hard(er) materials (8620, 4130, 4140, etc.).

  • Standard Endmill Sizes (flat & ball nose) - 1/8” (0.5” flute length) 1/4” (1” flute length) 3/8” (1.25” flute length) 1/2” (1.75” flute length) 3/4” (2.5” flute length)

  • Standard Drill Sizes - Under .500” is all standard jobber’s sizing (Letter, fractional, etc.)

  • Standard Tap Sizes - We can thread mill or rigid tap any size that will fit on the machine.

  • See this LINK to view our Gallery.


Manual Lathe

6” x 24” (OD x Length)

Our small bench-top lathe is mostly used for OD/ID turning and simple grooving/chamfering operations. We can run most material on our lathe.


Prusa I3 MK3

9.5” x 8” x 8”

We have two Prusa printers with the ability to print 20% carbon fiber impregnated material. If larger prints are required, the model can be broken into segments and assembled with traditional fastening methods.

Materials we can print are found HERE . Special order material takes 2 weeks to arrive.


Sunnen SV-15 w/ CH-100

0.75” ID through 8.00” ID Bore Hone

1.8” ID to 7” ID up to 48” Length Line Hone

The Sunnen SV-15 Automated bore honing machine is a truly exceptional addition to our shop. We are capable of repeatable results of 2/10th of a thou accuracy with the bore hone and 3/10ths with the line hone.

See the SV-15 in action HERE. Special order sizes take up to two weeks to arrive.