Bore and Hone - $180

Using our Sunnen SV-15 and torque plates, we can hone the bores to within .0001" of the specified piston to wall clearance. Our bores meet ring manufacturers requires cross hatching and are then brush cleaned. 


Pinned Mains and Line Hone - $245

We don't just pin the mains on the middle 3 sections, we lock down the #5 position as well. This is not common and as far as we can tell, no other company does this. After reviewing our analysis, we see the tendency for the rear main to translate just as much as the middle 3 bearing surfaces, and locking down the #5 position increases bearing longevity across all 5 surfaces. We always resurface the case halves to have "true" faces, and to allow for us to line hone the mains to our spec. 



Closed Deck Inserts and Bore Hone - $675

Our inserts are designed and FEA analyzed to increase cylinder wall life in racing conditions as well as to increase total cylinder wall strength. The underside of our inserts are contoured to allow for laminar flow of coolant through the passages, increasing cooling capacity and lowering heat soak and engine oil temps. Our inserts mimic the stock head gasket passages as close as possible without reducing total strength, and give easy access to all bolting if disassembly is required. Due to the nature of how our inserts are installed, we always requires a bore hone to a nominal size, and in this package we have deeply discounted this to alleviate the cost on the customer. 


1/2” Head Stud Modification - $195

We probe each head stud hole with our OMP-40 probe prior to drilling, reaming, and tapping the larger 1/2” headstud. Headstuds can pull out if the hole is not directly centered in the existing hole, ruining the block. Every hole is CNC machined for .0001” accuracy.